BSC Smart Chain

Low Cost

Fast Interopability,

& Faster Implementation

Enabling Blockchain interoperability while leaving the development & implementation as simple as possible

PROJECT PROMOTION & Reward Structure

Project Promotion Program - Get 10% of your direct invite.
Daily Reward Structure - Stacker get each and every day as per plan (stacking plan) as our structure inviter person also get as per level daily reward % every day.

Token total supply 22000000000000
Decimal 9
Lock Coin 50%
Project Promotion coin supply 10%
Lp lock - all fee
7% fee on every transaction
Stacking reward 40% of total supply locked, only stacker can release this supply.


Aviko is The First Decentralized Interoperable and Self-Optimised Blockchain Infrastructure. We aim to push the current boundaries by solving one of the most prominent challenges facing blockchain technology — fragmentation of the blockchain ecosystems.

Our goal is to create a unified platform that combines all participants’ collective strengths to lay the foundation for global blockchain mass adoption.


5s confirmation time 10000+ transaction per second


Ready to expand: accessible to any blockchain users


Collaboration friendly: easy for future business cooperation

Built on Binance Smart Chain

The Binance Smart Chain ecosystem is growing, with thousands of active daily users.

Chamu Alien

AVIKO is Developer Friendly

Developing Dapps on Aviko is more convenient than ever. Our technology helps developers cater to the broadest possible user base. KSML enables cross-chain-ready smart contracts. CMNR makes Dapps deployable wherever they fit most.

Stake your AVK for passive income

Staking Calculation

My stake (USD)

Daily Return


Why stake on Aviko?

Staking is the process of actively participating in transaction validation of the Proof of Stake in Aviko. As a return, holders will be rewarded with AVK tokens as an incentive.

Our Partners

We work with major service providers to blockchainise conventional business models